Qualities and Traits of a good Freelancer
Qualities and Traits of a good Freelancer



Before quitting the traditional job, the would be freelancer should know what it takes to become a freelancer.

  1. The first thing a successful freelancer should posses is a marketable skill in a niche. He should survey the demand, competition and scope for selected niche.
  2. Must be confident of his skills and abilities in that niche. This is fundamental requirement.
  3. He must be able to market his skills. Because in freelancing you are your brand. You must know how to sell yourself.
  4. Working in home brings along with it lot of distractions. So the freelancer should discipline himself to overlook these distractions and must be able to concentrate on work in hand cautiously.
  5. Must posses administrative skills like deciding what types of jobs to be taken. Coming up with a schedule to complete the jobs in hand and tracking / planning available time etc.,
  6. Be professional and convince clients by quality work, simultaneously, adhering to the delivery time.
  7. Good communication skills are required.Conveying project ideas and thoughts to clients effectively is essential. Use emails, Skype etc to communicate with clients and be abreast of present day technology tools.
  8. Be realistic in setting milestones taking into consideration the time to overcome any unforeseen problems.
  9. Freelancers should be go getters, fierce and decisive in ensuring the sustainability of their business through the years.
  10. Be passionate of what your are doing. This makes work look more fun rather than a hectic task.
  11. A true freelancer will ask himself what more I can do? He owns his mistakes, hears clients feedback and does not make the same mistake again.
  12. Having the visibility and track record, a good freelancer would know how to ask and what to ask the client for progress of the project.
  13. Freelancers should make a living by taking multiple jobs not only to pay bills but also to broaden their skills and stay updated in their field.
  14. Clients will search for freelancers, who are willing to take challenging jobs and pay off after gathering enough information of the projects they work.
  15.  The patience and the perseverance to continuously persuing freelance career even at testing times  when no assignments are on way is critically important

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