What to Freelance?
What should I Freelance?



You hate shuttling back and forth to the same office every day. The office job that made you sick and shows no signs of changing or improving. The long working hours, the pittance of a pay pocket and the pointless long meetings which frustrated you. You are fed up with the office politics. You feel your time is wasted and talents forgotten. Then it is right time you plan for a career change.

Now if you envision yourself lingering over your morning coffee, wandering into your home office in your pajamas and settling down to work near the window with sunlight streaming through, then freelancing is the best way for you.

Having decided to freelance, now the question is what should I freelance? The choices

are virtually unlimited.

Now you start list your hobbies, your skills and any special knowledge that you may

have. The chances are very good that you will easily discover exactly what you can

freelance. But you ensure that the skill or service you want to freelance is marketable.

People freelance a variety of skills and service. It can be accounting, event managing,

writing, Tax Consulting, web developing, graphical design, programming and project

management etc.,

Specializing in one of the latest trends can be attractive choice for freelancer. But be

careful some of today’s ‘hot’ concept can quickly turn into tomorrows old news, leaving

small business owner struggling to stay afloat.

So, before launching your freelance business you must research current trend reports,

hunt down economic data, look at employment indicator, look for growth potential over

the next ten years in your freelance industry or field. Check the market pulse and if you

are sure that your choosen field has enormous scope then venture into it.

Otherwise, you look into some other skill or knowledge base in you for freelancing. Most

of the people leaving 9 to 5 steady pay check jobs would look for the opportunities in

the same field of their previous job.

At present freelancing jobs or projects are available in following popular categories.

  1. Websites, IT and software
  2. Mobile phones and computing
  3. Writing and content
  4. Design, media and architecture
  5. Data entry and administration
  6. Engineering and science
  7. Product sourcing and manufacturing
  8. Sales and Marketing
  9. Business, accounting, Human resource and legal
  10. Finance and Management
  11. Translation and languages
  12. Local jobs and trades

Lot of freelancing sites (Freelance.com, Elance.com, Guru.com, Odesk.com etc.,)  offer plenty of jobs in above categories


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