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How to win a Freelance bid?


If you freelance through any freelance job sites on internet, you are literally competing with hundreds of other freelancers in your field for each job that is posted. How can you compete against so many people and consistently win enough to pay your bills?

Most of those sites have a rating system and allow clients to leave reviews for the work that you have done for them. Obviously, the trick to winning more bids is to get a high rating and rave reviews by doing a unique client appreciable project from your side.

But you must be careful while selecting your clients. For this you have to check the client’s history. Because there are clients who suck your designing juice and give you a negative feedback. After looking at client’s history  you should find whether he has cancelled jobs. If yes, then you should see how often he cancelled his jobs. What is the feedback which the client had received from freelancers worked for him. And what are the feedback the client has given to other freelancers. After gauging the clients from above information you should select the client to work with.

Just before bidding for the first time, make sure you have passed skill tests conducted by freelancing web sites. Skill tests are important for new freelancers to get their first job.

You study the project details given by client twice or thrice to comprehend thoroughly. After understanding the clients lingo, you should address the core problem to satisfy him.

Freelancers should bid the projects which are from their authority skill areas.

Do not start bidding on big projects initially. Because the clients who are going to pay more, like to have more guarantees including past track record from bidders.You can bid for those projects also in future after establishing your credentials in the market.

Do not try to attract sympathy from clients. Because buyers are particular about getting their work done. Be professional with them.

Be polite and sensible with clients while communicating messages. Give clients a professional reply for their queries.

Start by under bidding to get those rave reviews. Because clients not only want the good work but also at the competitive price. You create a website and post your sample works in that site. Link this site in your bid proposal to promote your skills to the client. Also, let the clients know that you are under quoting in order to get things rolling for you through that freelance site.


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