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In conventional freelancing to establish his business the freelancer depends mainly on advertising in local newspapers, referrals and word of mouth, which takes long time and result in short reach
only. And cost of getting clients is high in conventional

freelancing. Here to convince a client the experience of freelancer plays a vital role.

The freelancer has to device his own tracking and managing tools to monitor the


All these short comings are nullified in online freelancing. In online freelancing,

Thousands of new projects are  listed on market place sites. So even a newbie

can get a project. Cost to get a lead in online freelancing is relatively less. Online

freelancers can draw from an international pool of clients. Most freelance market places

provide useful tools to keep track of work and manage your freelancing business.


The Internet certainly makes that possible. There are lot of market place sites that will

help you to break into the online freelancing business. In online freelancing the clients

will search and easily find the freelancer who are qualified to handle the work through

the market place sites.The working principles of above online site are explained below.


At the out set the freelancers should register themselves in online sites, wherein a lot of

clients are also members of that site. Now the client puts in a bid request. Freelancers

who are members of the site will look through bid requests, usually in specific

categories and bid on the jobs. The client then accept a bidder and using the sites e-

commerce capabilities, the money to pay for the work is put into escrow.


.Through this escrow system both clients and freelancers are protected. As per this

system the freelancer will start work only after the client deposites full project fee in

site’s account temporarily. Once the work is completed and after satisfactory

verification and approval by client,The money will be released to freelancers account.

The site charges a nominal fee for this. While some freelancing sites pay

immediately,others pay only on certain days of a month.


Some of the best freelancing sites on the internet include Scriptlance, Elance, Odesk,

Guru, Freelancer and Rent-A-coder etc., Moreover as a freelancer you are not limited

to work through one site only, you can work through as many as you

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