Why Should Freelancers In Turn Outsource?

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Freelancers themselves are outsourcees. But under certain situations they themselves would resort to outsourcing.

Freelancers will often outsource to other freelancers if they have too much work or they do not have the required qualifications to finish a job. At certain times, when no work is on the anvil it helps the freelancer to get some work from the outsourcees whom they have given work earlier. This is a useful give and take policy. In most cases you do not have to inform your clients that you are outsourcing their work, unless you are working through a freelance website that requires such notification.

A freelancer who outsources to other freelancers may pay the other freelancer a certain

percentage or the full amount that the client is paying for the work that is to be done.


Freelancers can find their outsourcees either in online freelance job sites such as

Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, Scriptlance or Guru etc., Otherwise they may seek the help

of freelancers they met through various networking venues, such as forums or events

that are conducted by freelancers groups.


Some times for simple, low risk tasks, an intern who wants to provide services

inexchange for gaining experience can be obtained.


Before hiring a freelancer to do part of your clients work follow the tips given below.

  • Ask your trusted friends, family members and colleagues about the skill set of the freelancer you are about hire. But make sure the referrer has actually worked with the person they are recommending.
  • Interview the candidate in person or via Skype to get a feel of how the person conducts himself and check the chemistry between you.

–    Begin with a trial period. During this period gauge how committed the person

is and if they have what it takes to do the job well.

The pros and cons of the outsourcing jobs to another freelancer by a freelancer

The Pros.

  1. Outsourcing is cost efficient. Here the outsourcee freelancer is being paid for only the hours he spent on the project, unlike, fixed salary being paid for getting done some tasks like maintenance, advertising, marketing and accounting etc.,
  2. Outsourcing allows you to concentrate more on your core business.
  3. Outsourcing allows you to work faster. Because most outsourcees live in different parts of world, the work would be progressing even while you sleep.

The Cons.

  1. Communication risks : Though being an expert in a particular task, the

outsourcee may not able to communicate in language same as yours. This

may be a barrier.

  1. At times its quiet difficult to locate a qualified outsourcee.
  2. Exposure of confidential data: Sometimes if confidential data been exposed

to wrong hands, great havoc can be caused. (By signing a Non-disclosure

agreement – NDA, privacy and confidentiality of your project could be






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