Freelance Burnout

freelance burnoutFREELANCE BURNOUT

Burnout is a state of mind wherein the sufferer feels exhausted and stressed. Freelancers are more susceptible to get this due to their isolated work nature. Once sets in, burnout prevents the affected person from keep working.Freelancer will lose his motivation and creativity.Even his health may be affected.

Symptoms of burnout

  1. Not making enough money
  2. Feeling stressed out all time
  3. Start having trouble with client
  4. Finding yourself sick and tired all the time.
  5. Doing the kind of work which is not challenging or rewarding.
  6. If you are not taking time off, after a period of intense work.
  7. When you are not subjecting yourself for training to be up-to-date in your field.
  8. Postponing tasks in hand
  9. Making lot of mistakes in work.

Freelance burnout is quiet common. And there are numerous options to get rid of this burnout.

  1. Make it a point to connect with other human beings. See people and converse with them on regular basis. Get out of house and socialize.
  2. If you are freelancing in a field which you are not interested and not good at it, then, ‘sell’ it to another freelancer and go on different freelancing direction you are passionate about.
  3. Take a vacation. It can be for a week or a month. Depending upon how much time you can afford to take off. But make sure to inform your clients that you are on a vacation.
  4. Do not over commit. It is important to realize how for you can stretch yourself both mentally and physically. And commit your work load accordingly.
  5. Ditch the demanding and non paying clients before the stress of working with them affects the rest of your business and your health as well.
  6. Do not do everything yourself. Hire experts for accounting,Tax consulting. Allow marketing and advertising to specialists.Concentrate on core job yourself. This will ease your load and reduce stress.
  7. Set up and maintain an emergency fund. This will take care of your business contingencies. This will reduce your financial pressure.

Burnout comes and goes. All you have to do is figure out what is causing it and correct the problem to the best of your ability, and you will find that you are right back on the track to success.




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