Most of the freelancers hesitate to say ‘no’ to projects coming on their way from bad clients even though they knew very well that it is going to be troublesome handling it. This is because they do not want to create themselves a bad dry spell (when there is no work to do).However, in such case the freelancer should resist the temptation to say ‘yes’ and wait for the next good project to come along.

Bad clients have unrealistic expectations, have dumb ideas, they do not pay and they demand the world but won’t spend their time into a project. Only way to stop such clients is to be choosy.

In traditional job you have to work with people, that you could not tolerate, simply

Because the company required it. But while freelancing you have the power to

Choose or pick the client you want to work or to turn them down.

To identify a bad client, first you figure out if you can communicate well with him. A

good communication in a way that is acceptable to both of you, is vital. This can be

determined, when you are discussing the work.

Next get in touch with freelancers worked under him in past and get the feedback

from them. If you use one of the freelance sites on internet to get jobs,go through

the  reviews given by other freelancers on the client.

Unlike bad clients, first request from good clients contains a well thought out

summary of the project, enough details about project, well defined dead lines and a

rough estimate of payment structure etc., Above all a great client that respect your

time and skill will show it from the first moment.

So, you should say ‘no’ to bad client to save your time, energy and money, for doing

other good projects in hand. If you feel like you will not like a working relationship

with a particular client, simply tell them that you can not accommodate their work

into your schedule.

And incase if a clients with whom you had bad experience in the past, come with a

new project, simply turn it down.



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