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Freelancing is a lonely affair. Except immediate family members, freelancers may loose contact with outside world altogether for weeks or even months. Unlike 9 to 5 jobs, freelancers do not have friends or peers to discuss their problem related to their job. But this does not mean

that freelancers do not need the friendship and support of others. Luckily, there is support for freelancers.

Do google search to locate for freelancers in your field available in your locality, contact them. Arrange for “coffee breaks” so that you can discuss about doubts and problems with them and get solutions during your work day. Organise meetings of these group of freelancers once in a while or attend meet ups arranged by some other freelancers. Leave your business information to everybody attending this meetings. Due to this contacts you may eventually end up in increased leads for your business.

Another way to have contacts is to enroll yourself in online forums specific to your field. This not only gives you the opportunity to meet the new people, but also provide more benefits cited below.

First this gives you an endless contacts of other freelancers in your fields. So at times

when you have overflow of work, you can outsource it to someone in this forum. Also

you can collect their overflow work when you need.


Secondly, as they are from same field of work of yours, they can understand your

problems well and can give you tips and suggestions to deal with difficult clients, how to

collect payment from clients who are slow about paying and of course how to manage

with problems related to the actual work.


Thirdly, if you want to have an idea or test the feasibility of your own idea for your

niche blog post, online forums are the right place to go. Online forums allow you to

judge the situation of all things happening in your niche.


Incase if you have a doubt or a question in your mind regarding how to go about

further in your freelancing niche, online forums are the right place to go.Where you will

see some people ask same question in your mind and some other people will be

answering it aptly. So you got the answer for your question there.


Another advantage in being a member of online forum is that you will be noticed by

potential client, as not only your co-freelancers but also your clients frequent the online

forums in your niche very often.


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