Disadvantages of Freelancing

Disadvantages of Freelancing
Disadvantages of Freelancing


  1. Freelancing can be lonely. In freelancing for most of the day you would be talking or emailing to your present clients, potential future clients and vendors only. This can be very isolating, which can lead to social withdrawal and depression.
  2. Freelancers have to manage with deadlines, follow up projects, collect payments, enforce contract clauses. Also it requires a lot of paper works, contracts, invoices, client communicators and market supplies related to multiple projects. You have to wear many hats, including marketing, advertising and sales etc., Managing all these single handedly may prove to be tedious for a freelancer.

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What Is Freelancing?

  WHAT IS FREELANCING? Freelancing is one of the greatest ways of earning additional income or in some cases a convenient sole bread-winning method available. For dedicated, hardworking professionals; who have good theoretical and/or practical experience in running some business of their own or some others; can utilize this opportunity. If you are confident of … Read moreWhat Is Freelancing?

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